About Us


We are a team of dedicated individuals who offer the best in Real estate services. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction.


We are here to give you simple access to the latest Real estate products and services available in Nigeria by using the most strict standards and processes to ensure quality delivery.

About Us

IOS Properties consulting Limited is a leading indigenous Real Estate Solutions provider incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC No: 3064844).We aim to provide dedicated “bespoke Real estate solutions to each and every one of our diverse private, industrial and institutional clients, in order to allow them to focus on wealth growth, sustenance and transfer with no hassles.

Our company’s hallmark values of integrity, consistent innovation, coupled with broad technical and commercial competencies have enabled us to achieve a phenomenal 52% Average Annual Growth Rate and a 95% Customer Retention Rate

Over the past 9 years, our key to success has been centred on our ability to efficiently and consistently deliver unparalleled value and satisfaction to all our customers with keen attention to the wealth, health, safety, security and quality With a team of highly experienced and motivated professionals, we guarantee prompt and seamless service delivery, firmly entrenched in excellent client-service relationships.


Customer First

We understand that buying a land in Nigeria can be really scary and stressful. Let’s help erase those worries by taking you through every process from purchase till after purchase has been successful to ensure a hassle free experience. We have over time built up the culture of placing our subscribers interest first.


We offer only a list of trusted developers with verifiable land and properties that have been confirmed by our team of expert lawyer’s to ensure all documents are accurate and complete. Also we encourage inspection first before purchase because our word is our bond and we take integrity seriously.

Informed Realtors

We pride ourselves as an organization for offering value in addition to property acquisition with our key focus on properties at the fringe of development that can offer 150% ROI and above within the shortest possible period with no Omonile ( land grabbers) wahala.

That’s all about our experience and strength as an organization but let’s talk a little about what we offer to you. It is very possible to make an unprofitable real estate investment where the government comes and takes over these investments because the investors unknowingly bought lands that are government owned. There are also situations where individuals or organizations have unknowingly fallen victim to fraudsters who made them believe that they are making genuine investments.

Sometimes people go ahead to purchase or buy land in areas they believe would appreciate but after many years of wait, the areas experience little to no change, thereby making their investments worthless and time wasted. Furthermore, some individuals or organization fail to seek the expertise of a consultant before making purchase or sales decision which leads to a low ROI or buying an overpriced property. With our team of well-informed realtors, we intend to curb the threats that come with Real estate purchase by ensuring safety, integrity and high ROI on all investments done with our portfolio of estates.

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