How to make 4 million naira annually in Lekki, Lagos even if you don’t have up to 30 million naira to buy a house

Dear friend,

By the time you finish reading this post, you would know how to own an affordable home in Lekki area of Lagos, that costs less than 30 million naira and rakes in a minimum of 4 million naira every year as profit.

My names Samuel Iribhogbe, the founder of IOS properties consult, top realty firm doing on average over 500 million naira in sales annually. I’m an investor and consultant to major real estate brands in Nigeria. I recently bagged the top selling realtor for first quarter of 2022.

What I would tell you about hasn’t just been researched, it’s been tried and it’s working.

This is a testimonial from Mrs. Joy who recently bought one of our houses for less than 40 million naira and she currently makes an average of 2.5 million naira annual rent. We got the tenant for her too.


Let me tell you a story, I promise it would be very short

A very good friend of mine reached out to me about two (2) weeks ago asking about available shortlet apartments he can stay for Asa’s (Nigerian Musician) concert, this was a market I was still experimenting with.

(Incase you didn’t know shortlet is basically giving out property for rent for a short time period, usually these properties are furnished and offer better services than most hotels like free meals and internet supply, Netflix etc)

I reached out to agents that deal in shortlet and to my surprise I heard the prices they were calling per night.

You won’t get a studio apartment for less than N35,000 per night anywhere in VI, Lagos and these places are unavailable more than half the time. Just as we were talking price, someone paid for that same apartment without even coming to inspect it, the person booked the same days we wanted. This was very shocking because most of us assume the shortlet market is over hyped.

This brings me back to the N4,000,000 opportunity I want to share with you

Let’s imagine for a second you own this exquisite beautiful luxury studio apartment at Ikate, Lekki all for N25 million, if you decide to use the normal annual rental model we practice in Nigeria you would be making about N1.5 million at present day rates.


If you used this same studio apartment for shortlet at present day rate of N22,000 per night, you would see returns of about N8,400,000 annually with a 100% occupancy rate which actually happens and is very possible. ( 365 days x 22,000 )

Someone once said that I’m being too optimistic, you know what, let’s get pessimistic, let’s imagine every bad thing happens and you just have 50% occupancy for the whole year ?

(182 days x 22,000) = N4,004,000

  • The apartment is well placed at Ikate, elegushi which is the closest residential area to the very commercialized Lekki phase 1.
  • You can shop at the popular Ebeano supermarket, spar, farmforte etc. Eat out at the Kilimanjaro restaurant or the popular Bukka hut. Enjoy a time out with the family at the popular Elegushi beach, club at club Quilox and Cubana as they are all in very close proximity.
  • You can also worship at the popular Ava Maria Catholic Church, house on the rock, Redeem church, Foursquare church and etc
  • Your bedrooms would have wardrobes and kitchens would come fully fitted with Microwave, oven and etc

The house comes with a well fitted kitchen (2 million naira ), property management (3 million naira) for the first 2 years and solar power installation (1.5million naira)

Get your home delivered to you in 18 months or get free property management for 3 years worth 5 million naira.

Only 3 units available out of our 44 units put up for sale and offer valid till 15th of May 2022.

If you look at current prices for house in Ikate, you would notice that a studio apartment costs on average 35 million naira and considering the high cost of construction materials lately, prices have gone up to about 40 million naira but because we have very few units left, you will only pay 25 million naira


Click on the link below to view property

Offer closes very soon.




PS: And the best part is that we are on promo, from now till 15th of this month, you get a N4,500,000 discount when you make a deposit for our 3 bedroom apartment.


PPS: The 3 bedroom shortlet is currently 95,000 naira per night, with 50% occupancy you would make 17.2 million naira income annually.


PPPS: There would be a Shortlet desk to help manage client units using their housing for shortlet purposes and solar power to substantially reduce electricity cost and maintain 24/7 electricity.

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