• Let’s go back to early days Russia when the Soviet Union was first established, the largest country that ever existed in the world has just come out of the 2nd world war with Germany, early May 1945.
    The year 1947 when there was much tension between the Soviet Union and the the USA the whole world looked to *Pyramiden*
    Now what was Pyramiden and why did it have so much significance ?
    Pyramiden was an island sold by Sweden to the Soviet Union in 1927. This place was beautiful and all the while impossible because it was located in an island that had mountains shaped like pyramids. It was simply an island of luxury, so many beautiful houses, cultural center, theater, library, art and music studio, sports complex and a catina that was opened *24 hours a day*.
    Pyramiden had *coal* deep in their grounds which made it too expensive to mine and profit from.
    What made Pyramiden stand out was that it broke all criticism. If a westerner was to say that the Soviet Union are a bunch of savages living primitive lifestyles and living poor due to communist government. The Russians could easily reply back with the words “Have you been to Pyramiden ?”
    But like all good stories, must come to an end. Pyramiden was thriving but lacked one major key player. *They lacked sustainability*. You are probably wondering how and why, well they had people, they had people come from far and wide. *How did they fail as a community ?*.
    The community simply went broke. They had literally built a community based on nothing but just based on perception. Yes it was a nice place to stay but what would sustain the community if people come no more. They tried to get the coal in the ground but it just wasn’t feasible and the whole island was abandoned in 1998.
    Let’s pause from the story of Pyramiden for a while
    Now why did I previously say food is the most important investment right now, well simple you need food for everything no food no health. Food is everything, even the prices of food have gone up but here’s the twist.
    *What are the 3 most important things to you?*
    Return to daily life
    ? Yes that’s what 99% of Nigerians are currently thinking and it’s not an assumption, it’s facts.
    The next question is what type of food are people purchasing this period ?
    Simple :Local food ?
    Why: Everywhere is on lockdown, any foreign goods sold has been previously in storage. But in not her to talk about food like food but I want to talk about the food in food ?
    Now this is where things get interesting. Let’s talk about the manufacturing of this food we eat. Farmers need seeds, water, sunlight, soil and fertilizers to successfully cultivate crop. Each of them are very important for the success of a crop.
    We thank God we have a natural supply of at least 4 of them but one is missing ??
    What if I told you that there are only about 8 fertilizer plants in Lagos ?????, most have been imported. ???? Farming is imminent. We are doomed. No fertilizer fewer farm produce. It’s no joke.
    But thank God for sending a visionary and his name was Dangote. He single handedly built one of the largest fertilizer plants in Nigeria and demands keep soaring each day due to the crisis and would be the same after the crisis. ????
    Now back to Pyramiden, Pyramiden had coal but couldn’t use it because it just wasn’t feasible now we have Ibeju Lekki, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos Dangote has a fertilizer plant and this plant is working perfectly, producing to capacity and generating income for it’s community.

Do you think Ibeju Lekki is sustainable or you have a Pyramiden you want to invest in mind ????

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